Game-play – The Basics pt 1

The wonderful thing about Bloodletting is that it is all inclusive. No ‘gaming’ website, and separate forum to navigate to. Its all right here.

EVERYTHING you do on Bloodletting adds points to ranking your character. There are twenty ranks to achieve to being the baddest of the bad. The champion of champions!

general facts1

When you sign up and register, your landing page will look similar to this…

landing page

Next, you will have the opportunity to create your characters profile. This is something you can update with text and pictures all you like, though there is a word limit. Some people get very elaborate with coding and Photoshop to create some of the most beautiful profile pages. Here, you will see my basic no nonsense bio for one of my characters.

Your personal profile page also contains your percentage to your next rank, and your other stats, such as how many crimes, steals and attacks you have done. There is also a separate button to show you how your profile looks to other people, minus all your stats.

Also on your profile, you can have fun conversations with other characters; think of it as ‘conversational’ role play.  It’s pretty fun the interactions that can be had.

This page also shows if you are in a Union with someone. Think of it as a marriage. My character is indeed in a Union.

All the pink one liners on my page are sort of like little achievements, or tags as some call them, gifted from the Admin team. I LOVE getting these little pink lines. Its an obsession.

Also in your profile, you have a separate navigation panel that houses your inventory, dragons, fairies, spell-book, donation packages (more on those later) and so much more…

inventorydonation history

In the navigation panel at the top of every page, you will find things like the Home button, Profile, Forums, Battle Arenas, etc..

This is where you will navigate to the fun stuff. Showing the Forums pulls up all available Role Play forums, help forums, off topic and Out of Character (OOC) Forums.

You will note that each major city in the game has its own forum. Only other people in that city with you can read that forum unless the link is given.


Now, back to Donations. The reason for donations is to help with server costs. It also allows you to have more than one character. Each character must have a donation package to be allowed. Having ‘Alts” running rampant eats up time, causes OOC problems, and is a burden on the server load. Stricter guidelines are being placed when it comes to Alts.


Donation packages also give you a little buffer of not being deleted completely when killed. Instead, you will lose some rank and valuables, but not the character completely. (hint: Donation Package 8 is the best and most cost effective! Through PayPal, you can do a monthly subscription and never be without!)

What happens when you cant play every day? Based on your rank, you can get by a day or two without worry. But extended times will have your character deleted – however, there is the option to place your character into Cancun. Its similar to cold storage until you have time to sit down and play again. Cancun should not be used as a get-away for those seeking retaliation against your character.


Now…on to part 2…




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