Game-play – The Basics pt 2

In this section, we will talk a bit about the game play.

Within Bloodletting, EVERYTHING you do earns you points. Here are just a few things that need to be done daily. Also, keep in mind, everything rolls over at noon and midnight.

Attacks, Steals, Crimes. Minion Battles, City Searches (you can find items and weapons), Forbidden City Searches (even better finds and weapons/armor) and Minion Horde Raiding Parties.


evil acts

Around certain holidays, or special anniversaries, you can find nifty little items that are rarities. Coffins, tokens…things to mark those special times. To find those items, you sometimes have to do a combination of things to collect them all. Items like the Coffins contain special gifts such as blood money and spell ingredients.

forbidden city

What is majorly important about Bloodletting, is that it is a Role Play game. It is a game with writers in mind. The more you write and evolve your character, interact with other characters, and expand story-lines, the more you will achieve. And, make some friends, both friends and foes.

The forums consist of many things. Want Ads for RP partners, a Help Forum that is jam packed with things like a How-To guide, a Coding Guide for making a lovely profile page, and a place to ask any questions you may have. And trust me, questions get answered pretty quickly.


There are several different Major Cities in the ‘Realm’. Each City has its own RP forum that is wonderful as you can tailor your story around an actual city with streets, addresses, major landmarks, etc.

There is also a general ‘Realm’ forum for just about any kind of Role Play.

If you join a Coven (vampires, witches and demons) or a Sanctuary (slayers, werewolves and angels) you will find a forum just for your ‘home’ that is ‘members only’.

Another thing on writing those lovely stories with your characters, and interactions with other characters, is that it does not go sight unseen. Your stories are read. There is a monthly Role Play of the Month. Several role-plays are nominated by your fellow writers, at the end of the month those nominations are voted upon, by the players…1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Each comes with a prize!! First place comes with one of those nifty lil pink profile tags that I love so much, and a nice cash/bm prize for each writer in the story-line.

There is SO much to do in Bloodletting. It is truly one of the best games I play. I could go on forever here, trying to tell you and show you all the wonderful things…but its biting into my gaming time. hahaha.

If you have further questions, please, send me a message. I suggest you give it a try, look around the site, poke at things. I doubt you will be disappointed!








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